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Confused about cloth nappies? We can help you choose the perfect cloth nappy. Your first stop is our expert choosing cloth nappies page. If you have more questions just contact us and talk to one of our nappy consultants. It couldn't be easier!

Mother-ease has a perfect nappy for everyone. Mother-ease are one of the world's most trusted brands of cloth nappies. Available in styles to suit every nappy need, Mother-ease nappies are easy to use, easy to wash, reliable, comfortable, economical, and of course great for the environment.

Here at Nip Naps we are the experts. So, as well as providing great nappies we can also supply you a wealth of information about modern cloth nappies, including how to choose between the various types, options and fabrics plus many other pieces of practical advice.

With over 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing
modern cloth nappies, Mother-ease offers the very best in ...

reliablity the nappy and cover system gives two layers of protection against leakage
comfort the soft fabrics and elastic and the roomy designs ensure your baby is comfortable
value for money can save you many hundreds of dollars
ease of use snaps or velcro ensure the nappy is easy to put on and stays on!
ease of washing machine wash and tumble dry if necessary
durablity Mother-ease quality ensures the nappies last and last
environmental friendliness reusable nappies reduce waste and conserve our valuable resources

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